Location Change!

New Address: 
1900 Sleepy Hollow Road
South Park, PA 15129

Health Enhancing Thermography

HE@T offers state of the art thermal imaging and wellness services on a physician and self- referral basis.

Health Enhancing Thermography endeavors to bring affordable, non-invasive, radiation-free health screening to the community. We are located just south of Pittsburgh in Bethel Park, PA. HE@T is also a mobile unit that partners with professionals in the Pittsburgh area and offers thermography at our Wellness Partner locations.

All thermal imaging exams are conducted by certified thermography technicians and all medical reports are provided by M.D.s who are board certified thermologists.

Early Detection

Thermography offers the opportunity of earlier detection of dysfunction in any area of the body than has been possible through self-examination, doctor examination, mammography, ultrasound, or x-ray alone.

Thermography screenings can be used to analyze and assess a clients overall health and wellness through, breast scans, region of interest scans, and full body scans.

HE@T also offers body composition analysis testing that utilizes near-infrared technology. The analyzer provides a detailed body composition analysis of percent body fat, fat mass, lean mass and more, all without the inconvenience of pre-test protocols, pinching, or disrobing. Health professional consultations are also available.

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