I visited Health Enhancing Thermography in October to get an upper body scan after meeting Bethany and learning about the technology. It was a very positive experience! I didn’t know what to expect but the process was as easy as it could be. The technician was very thorough and professional and the process took less than 20 minutes. I was very impressed with the results I received and surprised at how much it detects, this technology is truly amazing! I am looking forward to getting my second scan in the next few weeks and I have been telling everyone I know to visit HEAT, this is something every woman should know about.”

Susan C.

 I had a full body thermography done at HEAT because I have a history of having non-cancerous tumors.  The process was very easy and non-invasive.  The results were amazing – a real eye opener!  While I was reassured that there was no problem with tumors, there were other issues I was unaware that existed that showed up on the thermogram.  HEAT referred me to an excellent doctor who treated these issues and put me back on track to good health.”

Karen M.

“Just hearing that women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer at earlier ages is kind of scary. I just wanted to have peace of mind to know that everything was OK. My breast thermogram was quick and easy. Now I have that piece of mind.”

Jessica W.

“It was convenient for me to be able to check on my breast health during my lunch break. I was in and out in 20 minutes.”

Donna N.

“Thermography helped diagnose that I have fibrocystic breasts. Now I am more conscious of my overall breast health.”

Michelle G.

“I hadn’t been feeling 100% and so I decided to get a thermogram of my upper body. HE@T Thermography detected that I had a large amount of dysfunction in my chest cavity and thyroid. Last month I had a large goiter removed thanks to the findings of thermography. I was also surprised to find that my thermography screening found various dental issues that were contributing to my other health problems.”

Bill L.

“My name is Ellie Field, a 70-year-old retired RN, who has had several mammograms over the past years. I decided to switch to thermography after reading several articles explaining the early detection advantage as well as the lack of radiation exposure benefits of thermography. So with the full knowledge of my attending physician I had my first breast thermogram. The experience was painless, comfortable and very quick, verses squeezing, discomfort and repeated exams. If you have had a mammogram you know what I mean about the squeezing, waiting for another exam due to one reason or having to have a sonogram on top of the mammogram. Put your mind at rest! This procedure takes approximately 10 minutes overall and more importantly NOTHING touches your body. The personnel are friendly and knowledgeable and add to the overall pleasurable experience. I immediately recommended this procedure to my daughter who has repeatedly refused to have another mammogram. She was equally pleased with her experience and  is telling all of her female friends about the differences. I would recommend this procedure to every female regardless of age or physical condition. It is worth its weight in GOLD.”

Ellie F.

“I LOVE getting a thermogram rather than a mammogram! I feel safe – no radiation being driven into smashed, sensitive tissue. It is pain-free – and it takes less than 15 minutes. And I feel confident that any problems can be detected and treated sooner. My results from a thermogram about six months ago indicated that I was at some risk. By taking those results to my naturopath and following his recommendations, my most recent thermogram showed such improvement that my risk was reduced. I will continue to use thermograms on a regular basis as part of my self-care regimen.”

Brenda D.

“I thought I would let everyone know about my personal journey and experience with Thermography. I got Thermography done on the whole body by HE@T Thermography and I have to say – Wow. Yes there were areas that I knew were an issue; but there were also some wake-up calls. Michelle and Bethany were so nice and kind. I felt at ease with the imaging session. It was easy. When I received my photos I was amazed at the details along with the report from the doctor. He gave a Head to Foot evaluation of the finding.This confirms some of my pain issues plus gave me the ability to take responsibility and put a plan of action for me into place. For example; I had 2 sinus infections this winter. My photos still showed inflammation in the Sinus cavities. WAKE UP. Inflammation in various areas and the wakeup to do a Juice Cleanse/Detox, Massage, Acupuncture and start incorporating better lifestyle choices. My health/wellness and living a holistic lifestyle is a personal choice and my personal journey. I thought I would like to share that Thermography is a step that I took and will continue to take; now that I know how works. Sometimes you just need the proof in your hands. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to find out more what is going on in their body and finding a Non-Invasive method.”

Kelly H.