Body Composition Analysis

HE@T’s analyzer is the only method of measuring body fat that uses completely safe, near-infrared light to directly measure percent body fat. U.S. Government research located a single point on the human body – the middle of the bicep of the dominant arm – that has a direct relationship to the body’s overall fat level.

During operation, the light wand sends a safe, near-infrared light beam into the biceps of the dominant arm. Body fat will absorb this light and lean mass will reflect the light. The light absorption is measured by the analyzer to determine body fat.

As accurate as underwater weighing. All without the inconvenience of pre-test protocols, pinching, or disrobing

The ONLY Body Composition Analyzer to Evaluate Essential Fat, Reserve Fat, and Excess Fat

  • Essential Fat: The minimum amount of fat needed for good health
  • Reserve Fat: The fat above the Essential Fat, but still healthy to carry
  • Excess Fat: The fat that people need to be concerned about

The analyzer can also measure total lean mass, basal metabolic rate, total body water, & body mass index. Along with that we can generate complete fitness and wellness reports, provide nutritional and exercise information, and track progress over time.


Excess body fat causes the risk of serious health problems such as stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.