Back Injuries

Back pain is common and can occur due to a variety of different reasons. More common reasons for back pain are, sports injuries, falling, accidents, and exercising. Pain can be anywhere in the back and in some cases is related to more severe underlying health conditions. Other instances of back pain are the result of sprains, muscle strains, pinched nerves, and minor injuries. Inflammation produced by back can creates hotter temperature patterns whereas nerve damage can create cooler temperature patterns making it ideal for thermography screenings to utilized  Low back pain is estimated to affect over 20 million Americans. Thermography has great applications in detecting; soft tissue injuries, low back disorders, and myofascial disorders.


Radiation-Free, Painless, and No Contact With The Body

Thermography offers a unique look into how your body is responding to pain. This gives both you and your doctor greater specificity on how and where treatment should be applied. HE@T Thermography partners with medical doctors who are also certified thermologists to evaluate and analyze all thermography screening results. Additionally, HE@T strives to make the best healthcare professionals available to you. On our Wellness Partner page you can find a number of highly qualified chiropractors throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Thermography can help evaluate the area of pain and contribute to a quicker diagnosis & treatment.