Treatment Monitoring

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging better known as thermography is a great tool for monitoring your treatment. Thermography can be utilized to either confirm a diagnosis or to visualize dysfunction in a way that other medical imaging tests can not. Thermography allows clients to visualize their progress throughout the treatment process. Thermal imaging offers a visual representation of what is going on inside your body.


Often times we like to not only feel that something is working but also see it. Thermograms are the visual image created from the thermography screening. All thermograms are interpreted and analyzed by M.D’s. Being able to see how much or how little progress you have made during treatment can be invaluable addition to a full healthy recovery


Sports Injuries 

Thermography is the ideal non-invasive, radiation-free medical imaging tool for injuries. Often times younger children struggle with telling you where it is hurting. Thermography is the only medical imaging tool that can visualize pain through temperature dysfunction. Not only can thermography visualize pain but it can offer information outside of an x-ray or an ultrasound. With no adverse effects or contact with the body, thermography is ideal for children and adults with sports injuries.

Most injuries require treatment, medication, or physical therapy. Thermography provides a visual representation and medical evaluation of the progress you are making.