Unexplained Pain

Unexplained pain can be challenging to diagnose and the frustration of not knowing exactly what is causing the pain can be overwhelming. HE@T Thermography utilizes state of the art digital infrared cameras to evaluate and monitor dysfunction occurring in the the body. By analyzing temperature differences and pattern asymmetry, thermography allows for an invaluable look into the bodies functionality. 

Hard to diagnose conditions such as fibromyalgia can produce abnormal heat patterns and inflammation which can be seen with our thermal technology. Pain is often time subjective meaning that pain can be referred from one area of the body where there is an injury or inflammation to a different area of the body. This leaves finding the root cause of the pain very difficult. 

The Detection of Unexplained Pain 

Most tests such as X-ray’s and CT scans are tests of anatomy or structure, whereas thermography scans are a test of physiology or function. Pain is not a structure but rather your bodies response to it’s functionality.  Thermography is a beneficial imaging tool to identify the source of unexplained pain. Thermal imaging can follow the nerve pathways through heat sensing technology and identify dysfunction at its source.